Mammonathis horse was bred in Poland


photo: Balaskhin Collection

Mammona - the "treasure of Russia" she is known of- was a daughter of the Polish Ofir. Her dam was the Polish Krucica. Athough bred by Polish State Stud of Janow Podlaski, Mammona is rather considered as Russian broodmare (has been annexed to Tersk during WW II) and she was a very fertile broodmare. She gave birth to 18 foals at Tersk, a foal each year from 4 years until her death in 1961. Her most successful son was Pomeranets, later chief sire at Tersk. Her daughters by Priboj as well as Magnolia by Arax also became valuable broodmares and spread out Mammona's bloodline all over the world. So her family is one of the biggest Russian Arabian horse family nowadays.


bay mare
foaled: 1939-01-01 died: 1961-01-00
sire: OFIR sireline: Kuhailan Haifi db (via Ofir)
dam: KRUCICA damline: Sahara db (branch: Dora)
strain: Koheylah Moradiyah
additional information: Produced 18 Foals begining in 1943 at age 4. Produced each year until her death
Janow Podlaski


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