Araxthis horse was bred in Poland


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The bay stallion Arax was born at the Polish Klemensow Stud. He was sired by the important Polish sire Amurath Sahib whose sireline traced to the desert imported stallion Bairactar.
Arax dam was the grey Angara, a daughter by Wielki Szlem. Wielki Szlem was one of only four Ofir sons that bred on.
In 1957, Arax was transferred to Michalow Stud where he sired a few foals, among those was only one daughter that influenced the Polish breeding program. Her name was Zlota Iwa. She founded the 'Z' family of Poland.
Shortly after his breeding season at Michalow, Arax was acquired by the Russian Tersk Stud where Arax started his amazing breeding carrier and was leading Russian sire between 1959 and 1969. At Tersk, he sired many horses that influenced the breeding program world-wide. Among those are horses like Tamerlan, Neva, Plakat, Panama of Tersk, Naivinyi, Napitok, Magnolia or Karta. His most successful offspring however, was the bay stallion Nabeg who sired important stallions like Menes, Neman, Nadejni, Nariadni, Princip, Prononce, Peleng, Tron or Tallin.
Arax died in the Netherlands shortly after his arrival in 1969.


bay stallion
foaled: 1951-00-00 died: 1969-00-00
sire: AMURATH SAHIB sireline: Bairactar db (via Amurath Sahib)
dam: ANGARA damline: 216 Semrie db (branch: Angara)
strain: Koheylan Abu Urkub (?)
Klemensow Stud


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