Salonthis horse was bred in Russia


photo: Balaskhin Collection

Salon was bred and born at Tersk State Stud. Salon is a direct descendant of Skowronek as his sire is the Naseem son Negatiw. Salon was exported to Germany, not frequented much as sire there, then was imported to USA where he stayed the rest of his life. Salon is the sire of influental horses such Muscat, Pomoranev, Muslin or Moment.


grey stallion
foaled: 1959-04-27 died: 1984-07-04
sire: NEGATIW sireline: Skowronek (via Negatiw)
dam: SONATA 1946 damline: Emese db (branch: Carabine)
strain: Saklawi Jedran
additional information: imported from Russia to Germany in 1971, exported to US in 1980, sired 64 purebred foals in Russia, 24 purebred foals in Germany and 119 purebred foals in USA

Tersk Stud



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