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Rose of Jericho

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The mare Rose of Jericho was a blood-bay daughter by Kars. Kars was a bay Saklawi Jedran. He was bred by Ibn Subayni of the Mhayd-Fidan who sold him as a three years old to the Kurdish Chief Mahmud Aga, a Kurdish Chief. Kars was ridden in the campaign of Kars (hence his name) where nearly every other horse perished. When Wilfried and Anne Blunt traveled Aleppo in January 1878, they acquired him by Mahmud Aga for their Crabbet Park in England.
Rose of Jericho's dam was the legendary war mare Rodania, a bay Koheilah Adjuze Ibn Rodan. The Blunts purchased her from Tais Ibn Shaarban-Gomussa and sent her to England in 1881. At the Blunts' Crabbet Park stud she produced 3 fillies and 2 colts. Although Rodania produced only 5 foals her line is more than vital today, especially through Rose of Jericho's chestnut half-sister Rose of Sharon by Hadban.
Rose of Jericho was used along with her sisters as a Crabbet Park broodmare. She was bred to the desert import Rataplan producing a colt and a filly by the name of Rose of Dawn. Rose of Dawn was successfully shown by the Blunts.
Rose of Jericho's last foal for the Blunts was her most contributing one: Rose Diamond. That bay mare produced the Crabbet mare Rose of Hind (dam of 12 purebred foals) and the sire Abu Zeyd bred by Captain George Sevile of Thames, Ditton; later imported by Homer Davenport.
In 1891, Rose of Jericho was exported to Australia where she became a foundation mare of Sir James Penn Boucaut's Quambi Stud in Mount Baker, South Australia. At Quambi Stud she produced 11 foals, among them the full-brothers Badaween and Suleiman and the mare Khattara (all by Rafyk).
Although Rose of Jericho's date of death is not known she might have passed before 1908 as she was not on the sale list when Sir James dispersed his stud later that year.


bay mare
foaled: 1883-00-00 died: n/a
sire: KARS sireline: n/a
dam: RODANIA damline: Rodania db (branch: Rodania db)
strain: Koheylah Adjuze Ibn Rodan
additional information: Imported from England to Australia by Sir James Penn Boucaut of Quambi Stud, South Australia in 1901.
Wilfrid & Anne Blunt
Crabbet Park
United Kingdom



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