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Petla this horse was bred in Poland


bay mare
foaled: 1994-00-00
died: n/a
sire: VISBADEN sire line: Koheilan Adjuze db (via Priboj)
dam: PETRA dam line: Szweykowska (branch: Pentoda)
  strain: not known
The mare Petla is a member of the P-family of Janow Podlaski founded by Piewica. World Champion Mares Pianissima or Pilarka belong to that family. Petla is from the Pentoda branch of that family.
Petla is valued broodmare at Janow Podlaski, giving birth to Pedagog, Perla or to Scottsdale Surpreme Champion Stallion Pogrom.
Through her sire Visbaden Petla carries 50% of Russian blood as well.
Visbaden was exported to Hungary where he sired foals at Babolna state stud.