Makthis horse was bred in Russia


photo: Balaskhin Collection

The race horse Mak was used at the Russian State stud where he sired only seven foals. But one of these foals was Kumir.
Kumir was raced as well and was later used as chief sire at Tersk. Through Kumir, Mak's line is still very strong in Europe. Mak's sire Korej is 50% Crabbet bred through his dam Rixalina. Rixalina traces over Ridaa (through her daughter Risala) to the Crabbet foundation mare Rodania (desert bred).
Mak's dam Madila also traces to Rodania, over Ridaa again but through her other daughter Riyala.
Through Korej's sire Kann, Mak is also influenced by French bloodlines because Kann was born in France and is a son by Denouste, a French bred horse.


chestnut stallion
foaled: 1956-02-15 died: 1976-00-00
sire: KOREJ sireline: Denouste (via Korej)
dam: MADILA damline: Rodania db (branch: Riyala)
strain: Koheylan Adjuz Ibn Rodan
additional information: 15.2h;Winner of the USSR three-day event championship in 1956

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