Karat 1993this horse was bred in Russia

Karat 1993

photo: Aline Sagrabelny

Tersk stud has always been known to test its breeding stallions on the race track. Same as for Karat. He was raced and won several prizes such as the Russian Derby in 1996 and the Budjonny Prize. Nevertheless, he was shown in halter. This year, he was second in his class at Aachen. Karat is standing in the UK now where he is used as riding and breeding stallion.


flea-bitten grey stallion
foaled: 1993-01-01 died: n/a
sire: AROMAT sireline: Saklawi I (via Aswan)
dam: KALUGA damline: Sahara db (branch: Karta)
strain: Koheylan Moradi
additional information: Winner of the Russian Derby 1996; Winner of the Budjonny Prize; Winner of Comparison; Winner of Elite Prize; Winner of Parting Prize; Winner of Friendship of People Prize; Winner of the HobbsMelville; 2nd in class Aachen 2007

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