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Hadban Enzahi this horse was bred in Egypt

Hadban Enzahi
photo: © In The Focus


grey stallion
foaled: 1952-01-01
died: 1975-07-22
sire: NAZEER sire line: Saklawi I (via Nazeer)
dam: KAMLA 1942 dam line: Venus db (branch: Bint Samiha)
  strain: Hadban Enzahi
Habdan Enzahi was selected at El Zahraa in Egypt by the Marbach state stud and imported in 1955 to bring 'fresh' blood to the Marbach herd.
In Egypt he was known as 'Kamel' but was renamed to Hadban Enzahi which reflected his dam-line as his dam Kamla was a Hadbah Enzahiyah.
He was one of the three legendary 'German' Nazeer-sons besides Ghazal and Kaisoon- that had a big influence not only to Marbach but also to the German Arabian breeding programs of that time. His Marbach bred daughter Dschadaah (x Hamdi) was World Champion mare in 1986, a success he did not live to see. Hadban Enazhi died in 1975.
additional info: aka Kamel; exported to Germany in November 1955


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