Aswanthis horse was bred in Egypt


photo: Balaskhin Collection

Aswan was bred in Egypt and came to the Russian state stud Tersk as a gift from the Egypts. That was properly the best gift for Russia since the beginning of its Arabian breeding program. Aswan's sons as well as his daughters had a lot of influence in Arabian breeding programs worldwide. Looking at his pedigree it's no surprise that he was so influental. His sire was the "sire of the century" Nazeer. His dam Yosreia gave birth to excellent broodmares like Mogha, Farasha and Bint Yosreia


grey stallion
foaled: 1958-03-13 died: 1984-00-00
sire: NAZEER sireline: Saklawi I (via Nazeer)
dam: YOSREIA 1943 damline: Venus db (branch: Hind 1929)
strain: Hadban Enzahi
additional information: exported to Russia (Tersk) in 1963.
King Farouk of Egypt
Inshass Stud



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