Angel Afrikhan Queenthis horse was bred in Germany

Angel Afrikhan Queen

photo: Aline Sagrabelny

Angel Afrikhan Queen is a daughter by TF Afrikhan Shah, a big-moving stallion with exotic type, bred in the USA. His sire is Botswana who was 2009 US Egyptian Event Unanimous Champion Supreme Senior Stallion. TF Afrikhan Shah traces back to Morafic via is grand-sire Thee Desperado.
Angel Afrikhan Queen's dam is Angel Aziza, a grey daughter by Amurath Muntahi. Amurath Muntahi is a son by Amurath Baikal, a Bask son. Angel Afrikhan Queen's dam line also includes Egyptian, Polish and Babolna lines.


chestnut mare
foaled: 2010-02-11 died: n/a
sire: TF AFRIKHAN SHAH sireline: Saklawi I (via Morafic)
dam: ANGEL AZIZA damline: Bint El Bahreyn db (branch: Durra)
strain: Dahmah Shahwaniyah
Gerard and Jeanine Van Oosterwijk
Angel Arabians

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