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Justiaan is bred by the German breeder Reinhard Sax whose stud produces finest Arabians, predominantely from Russian lines.
Justiaan's sire is the 'Champion maker' WH Justice whose gets and grandgets rule the halter show ring in Europe for decades (besides offspring by Marwan Al Shaqab).
The dam of Justiaan, Lamana is sired by Laman HVP, a stallion bred in Brazil, exported later to Austria and used at Sax Arabians for a few breeding seasons.
Justiaan's dam line traces back to Sax' foundation mare Merana, a bay Menes daughter.
In 2013 Justiaan was Gold Champion at Marbachis Bairactar Memorial show[2018-02-10] more

Juss Perlito

The stallion Juss Perlito is a son by Aja Justified who was World and European Gold Junior Champion Colt in 2010. Through his sire Juss Perlito is a grandson by WH Justice, a stallion that does not need any more introduction.
Juss Perlito's dam is a daughter by LM Spanish bredc Perlamor, French Nation Champion stallion and European Reserve Champion stallion and a son by the late El Perfecto.
Juss Perlito has been shown at halter in regional shows where he competed successfully. He was Gold Junior Champion Colt, Ströhen, Nat. C-Show in 2012 for example.[2017-02-01] more

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