Frequently Asked Questions:

What's behind all this?

In 2004 I developed a tool just for myself. It has managed info and pictures I have collected on Arabian horses. It has never been released on the web. I've used it on my local machine. My boyfriend always asks why I don't put it online. He gave me some webspace and so a slimmed tool was released on 11/6/2005.

Do I have to join?

You don't have to join for using the function of Arabian-Horse-Database.

How do I navigate through this website?

To navigate please use the menu above (just below the banner).

What can I do and what can't I do?

The tool is a slimmed version compared to my offline tool which I can do more with. With the tool on Arabian-Horse-Databse you can search for horses, get info on them and report mistakes on wrong information. You can also see what horses have been updated or what horses are new.
Not available are the functions as follows: adding a new horse, changing horse info, searching and look at photos of horses and see pedigree on the horse (I hope I can add this function very soon).

How can I find info on a horse?

To find info on a horse use the search form. This form you can find on the 'home' page or on the 'search' page.
When you type or copy&paste this address in your address area of your browser for example, you will be led to the home page. In the upper section of this webpage there is the search form. There you can type the name, the sire, the dam, the damline (or others) on the horse you are looking for.

Please make sure you have chosen the right criteria before clicking the button 'Search Horse'.

If a horse matches your search criterias it will be shown in the next page (there may be one than more hits). If your search was successful then click on the name of the horse and the info page will open.

I found a mistake, how can I correct it?

When you found a mistake on a horse's info I would appreciated it very much if you can correct it and send the correction to me.
For sending simply use the link next to the horse: ">> report mistake" or go to point "Report Mistake" in the menu above. If you choose the last option you must search for the horse again and use the link ">> report mistake" next to the shown horse.
After clicking that link a new form will open where you can add your correction. Send it to me by simply clicking the button "Report Mistake". It will just be saved in my database.

Please don't misuse this service as contact form. The form will not save any information on you like an email-address. So I am not able to contact you.

I couldn't find a certain horse, did I something wrong?

That may be not your fault. This database is growing and growing. So it can happen that the horse, that you were looking for, has not been registered yet.
Be patient with us it will soon be added!

How can I add a horse?

Unfortunately, there is no function available for adding any horse. New horse info will be added by me. The reason is I don't want untrue or unchecked info on a horse. I have experienced that some hackers (or stupid little kids) mixed up all info on another pedigree website. It ended all up in a mess. I want to avoid that.
I confess, I play with the idea to offer an insert function but with registered users which will be proved before they can add something. But this depends on my spare time.

Is this service for free?

This service is for free. Don't worry using every function you want to!

I could not find the answer I was looking for, what to do?

If you need more information, please contact me via email. The email address is .
In your email you should describe your problem as short as possible.
The better you describe it the better I can help you!
Horses In Focus:


Justiaan is bred by the German breeder Reinhard Sax whose stud produces finest Arabians, predominantely from Russian lines. ... more

Juss Perlito

The stallion Juss Perlito is a son by Aja Justified who was World and European Gold Junior Champion Colt in 2010. ... more

EC Annys

EC Annys is a Straight Russian mare sired by dark-chestnut stallion Prognoz. ... more

Al Farid 2005

Al Farid is a son by US top producer Simeon Shai who died in 2013. ... more

Amurath Mona Lisa 2013

Amurath Mona Lisa 2013 is a daughter by Muranas Jassehr. ... more


In February 2016 Dschehim, sire of Marbach state stud died suddenly. ... more