Abha Qatarthis horse was bred in Spain

Abha Qatar

photo: Betty Finke

Abha Qatar is sired by Marwan Al Shaqab who can offer a large record of halter show titles and is also the top sire of halter show horses.
Abha Qatar's dam -the Ludjin El Jamaal daughter ZT Ludjkalba- was imported to Spain by Marieta Salas as a two years old. Unfortunately, ZT Ludjkalba died very young with the age of just 9 years in 2007.
Abha Qatar was her last foal and he is the most successful one of her foals. He was Gold Junior Champion at the ANC in Aachen 2009 topped with the World Gold and European Gold Junior Champion title a few months later.
In 2012 he came back in the show ring as matured stallion and was awarded with the title of World Silver Champion Stallion.


chestnut stallion
foaled: 2007-03-12 died: n/a
sire: MARWAN AL SHAQAB sireline: Saklawi I (via Morafic)
dam: ZT LUDJKALBA damline: Jellabiet Feysul (branch: Makbula)
strain: Koheylan Jellabi
additional information: World Bronze Champion Stallion 2013; Gold Senior Champion Stallion All Nations Cup Aachen 2013; Stallion World Silver Champion Stallion 2012; All Nations Cup Junior Gold Champion Stallion 2009; Junior European Champion Gold Stallion 2009; Junior World Gold Champion Stallion 2009
Marieta & Pedro Salas
Ses Planes/Ses Rotes S.A.


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